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Seedify V2 Whitepaper

1) Introduction

  • The Genesis

We introduced Seedify in February 2021 as a community-driven ecosystem designed to help advance blockchain innovation while giving token holders access to early-stage opportunities in the blockchain space.

To raise awareness, we held various community events with opportunities for participants to earn tokens. We opened numerous polls, with our rapidly growing community voting on topics to fine-tune the Seedify platform before launch.

On March 26th, 2021, we listed $SFUND on Pancakeswap, airdropping over 3.000.000 tokens to our community members who participated in our airdrop and community involvement events. We did not raise any capital funding whatsoever in this process. Thus Seedify does not has any seed, VC, private or public investors.

We bootstrapped our way to where we are today from a purely community launch, defying the odds and customs of the blockchain ecosystem.

In the months following our launch, we began to develop the Seedify platform, starting with the launchpad, introduced our first incubation and opened new staking opportunities based on community feedback. Like all new startups forging a path in this space, we experienced both highs and lows but continued to grow through a volatile market.

On July 14th, we held our first IDO (Wizard), which successfully sold out and achieved a 20x ATH. This inaugural IDO had 766 participants, a sharp contrast to the 4500+ token holders participating in our IDOs today.

  • Blockchain and Gaming

As the blockchain industry continuously became more saturated with launchpads, accompanied by a less than positive market environment, we found ourselves in a moment where we said, we will focus only on one area, which we believe in a lot. That was blockchain gaming.

At the time when we announced our pivot to being a solely blockchain gaming focused launchpad, there was nothing alike, every launchpad was a generalist who did everything.

As lifelong gamers, we recognized the value and potential of the emerging integration of blockchain technology with gaming. Actual ownership of in-game assets via NFTs and the play-to-earn model could positively change the gaming industry for both gamers and developers, bringing with it lucrative opportunities for millions of people around the globe, creating ways for many people to be financially free and provide for their family by playing games.

Although it was still very much in its infancy stage, we felt blockchain gaming was primed to be the ideal vehicle to take the blockchain ecosystem mainstream. With 2.6 billion gamers worldwide in 2020 and a projected increase to 3 billion by 2023, gaming presents a massive mainstream addressable market outside of the blockchain niche

  • The Pivot

We announced our intentions to pivot towards focusing solely on blockchain gaming-related projects, on July 19, along with the introduction of a new and more balanced tier system for the launchpad.

On August 1st, Seedify officially became the blockchain industry's first gaming-only focused incubator and launchpad. From that point on, we proceeded to forge a robust network of industry and marketing partnerships, focusing on building an ecosystem that provides maximum value for $SFUND token holders while not just supporting but also leading blockchain gaming innovations

Through effective launch strategies, industry-leading service and the continuous support for projects, Seedify emerged as the go-to launchpad in the GameFi space. We hosted some of the most successful IDOs (Initial Dex Offerings) in 2021. These IDOs include Blocktopia (712x ATH), Cryowar (151x ATH) and Sidus, which achieved an 88x ATH in adverse market conditions

In less than a year, Seedify has grown from a community launch project to an industry leader, with over 50 projects launched, with 4500+ participants per IDO, with over 600K Twitter followers, 200k+ Medium readers, and 200k+ Telegram followers.

  • Introducing Seedify V2

With Seedify established as a leader in the blockchain gaming space, we shared our vision of the next steps in the evolution of Seedify, introducing the plans for Seedify V2 on October 11.

Our current website, at the time of publishing this whitepaper has only the core features of a launchpad with gaming-inspired UI, a cross-chain token claim dashboard and a profile section. With locked farming and staking options. Something that got the job done initially.

Seedify V2 will be about greater user experience, advanced products, new utilities for $SFUND holders, and some surprises that will impact the blockchain gaming, metaverse and NFT space forever.

Blockchain gaming is very much connected with metaverse innovations and NFTs, so we are now focusing on these complementary areas also in 2022. Because hey will be inseparable in the future.

To further enhance the value we provide to our community and our ability to support and drive innovation in the blockchain gaming space, V2 introduces the following core programs/products and divisions of new teams in each one; Seedify Meta Studios for our own in-house projects, Seedify NFT Launchpad for launching in-game and metaverse NFTs (INOs and IMOs), Seedify Metaverse Asset Program for providing grants,and Seedify NFT Space which will connect all our innovations, as a master product.

  • New Master Product: Seedify NFT Space

On January 27th, we announced a new master product; Seedify NFT Space. A revolutionary gaming and metaverse asset centric marketplace, Seedify NFT Space will fill a void left by traditional NFT marketplaces that lack the ability and UI to properly support buyers and sellers of these certain utility assets dedicated towards gaming and the metaverse

Just like we did with Seedify Launchpad, we are entering a space crowded with generalists, with a completely laser focused product

Seedify NFT Space will provide platform users with intuitive research tools to get just the NFTs you need for your gaming and metaverse experiences, it will connect creators and supporters through a 'Kickstarter-like' crowdfunding mechanism and launchpad network so creators and game studios can gain much more support then they would in a generalist NFT marketplace, as well as reward users with NFT collectibles through a very interesting system while also adding further utilities to the $SFUND token. The platform will have its own token, $SNFTS, which will be airdropped to $SFUND stakers/farmers, along with holders of NFTs from selected bluechip collections and partners, to jumpstart the platform.

2. Seedify IDO Launchpad

Live since July 2021, IDO Launchpad is Seedify's flagship product and has firmly established itself as the go-to launch platform in the blockchain gaming space, with over 50 successful launches,

Seedify Launchpad connects gamers and gaming enthusiasts with high-quality handpicked gaming and metaverse projects via Initial Dex Offerings (IDOs). IDOs allow projects to raise funds and gain a base community of supporters, while participants have an opportunity to purchase new gaming tokens before they're listed on public exchanges,

Each project hosted on the Seedify Launchpad goes through rigorous scrutiny to ensure that only high quality gaming projects are presented to $SFUND token holders,

How Does the Seedify IDO Launchpad Work?
Tier System

The Seedify Launchpad features a 9 level tier system based on $SFUND holding requirements, ranked 1 to 9 from lowest to highest. The higher the tier, the more tokens are allocated in IDOs.

  • Tier 1:

Tier 1 is lottery-based, with 500 wallets whitelisted per IDO. All other tiers get guaranteed allocation in each IDO.

  • Higher Tiers, More Incentives

All tiers are eligible to participate in IDOs, but Tiers 6 to 9 have access to private sale opportunities, while Tier 9 members can also qualify for exclusive early-stage offerings through the Seed Club.

  • How is Allocation Calculated?

Allocation is tier-based and is calculated using a formula that assigns a specific pool weight to each tier. The number of participants in each tier is multiplied by its assigned pool weight, determining the number of pool shares for each tier. The total allocation amount is then divided by the total pool shares (all tiers combined) to determine allocation per pool share. This provides the total allocation per tier, based on each tier's number of pool shares. The allocation for each tier is then divided by each tier's respective number of participants to determine allocation per wallet in each tier.

  • Seedify Launchpad Tier Levels
  • Participating in IDOs
  • Qualifying to participate in IDOs is a simple three-step process:
    • Purchase $SFUND tokens
    • Stake/Farm your $SFUND tokens
    • Complete KYC
  • 1. Purchase $SFUND tokens

Participants need to acquire $SFUND tokens based on the minimum qualification requirements for the tier of their choice. $SFUND tokens can be purchased on CEXs like Kucoin, and MEXC, and DEXs like Pancakeswap and ApeSwap.

  • 2. Staking/Farming $SFUND tokens

Tokens must be staked on the Seedify staking dashboard ( There are 7, 14, 30, 60 and 90 day lock periods available to choose from. Staked tokens earn yield. The longer the staking lock, the higher the APY (90 day lock earns 75% APY).

Providing liquidity on Pancakeswap and yield farming through the Seedify staking website also qualifies for IDO participation. (Only the $SFUND tokens in the liquidity pool are counted towards tier qualifications.)

If a participant stakes and farms, their total $SFUND tokens in the LP and staking pools are counted.

  • 3. Complete KYC

The final step is completing the KYC process . KYC must be approved before anyone can participate in IDOs.

  • Note

KYC must be approved, and tokens must be staked 24 hours before an IDO for a wallet to be whitelisted.


Due to government restrictions, residents of the following regions or countries are not able to participate in IDOs on the Seedify Launchpad: Afghanistan, Albania, Burundi, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belarus, Barbados, Botswana, Central African Republic, China, Republic of the Congo, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Haiti, Iran, Iraq, Jamaica, Cambodia, Lebanon, Libya, Myanmar, Nicaragua, Somalia, Serbia, South Sudan, Syria, Uganda, United States, Venezuela, British Virgin Islands, Yemen, Zimbabwe.

  • Whitelist

Once the above steps are completed, no other actions are required. All tier-qualifying KYCed wallets (500 Tier 1 lottery winners and all other tiers) will automatically be whitelisted for IDOs. The whitelist is shared prior to each IDO.

  • Purchase

Token sales are conducted in a 2 phase process, with the second phase only utilized if necessary.

  • Phase 1:

All whitelisted wallets have a 2 hour window to purchase their allocated tokens once the IDO starts.

  • Phase 2:

All unsold tokens from Phase 1 are sold via a second, first-come-first-served (FCFS) round, using the same whitelist.

  • Claiming IDO Tokens

Tokens purchased on the Seedify Launchpad are made available to claim on the Seedify Claims dashboard, reachable through according to each project's token vesting schedule. Our claim dashboard is multi-chain, and currently allows claiming tokens from 6 different layer 1 and layer 2 networks, such as Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Matic, Avalanche, Fantom, and Solana.

3. Seedify V2 Phase 1

In the following section, we will highlight the mechanics and functions of the Seedify V2 expansions. Our goal in 2022, is to become more than a launchpad, providing our community more ways to earn through $SFUND, through entering areas where we have network, experience, and ability to become a leading brand. These areas are also carefully selected to be beneficial to projects that launch from our IDO launchpad, thus increasing the advantages we can provide for already launched projects and upcoming projects.

3a. Seedify Meta Studios
  • Introduction: The Metaverse - NFTs and Blockchain Technology

Although the metaverse was conceptualised almost three decades ago, over the past 2 years, the introduction of blockchain technology and NFTs have brought significant innovation to the space. Trustless systems, decentralization and ownership of assets in a digital world open the door to countless exciting new creative, utility and monetization opportunities.

Developers, gamers, and essentially everyone, now has the ability to build, create and experience immersive digital environments, along with owning their experiences and enjoying real-world value by participating in these virtual economies.

'Metaverse' is poised to revolutionize the internet, communication, online human interaction and essentially, how we exist as a species. The absence of place and time constraints in the metaverse will allow us to create and extend our existence into these digital worlds, utilizing virtual assets such as land, vehicles, clothes, pets, houses, etc.

Virtual meeting places, business collaboration environments, interactive social media and influencer spaces, virtual tours, gaming events, concerts, digital stores etc., are all becoming a reality. These applications and use-cases are only the starting point of the utility and economic value this technology has to offer.

At Seedify, we recognize the importance of metaverses and the multiverse along with the future role and impact in the following years ahead. Instead of just supporting other projects, we want to also get creative, and use all the gained experience we have in the space

  • What is Seedify Meta Studios?

Seedify Meta Studios is a subdivision of Seedify with its own team of highly skilled concept artists, 3D artists, character designers, environment designers, VFX artists and other top-tier creators.

The Seedify Meta Studios team has already been tasked with developing its first metaverse-related NFT set project.

  • What is the Purpose of these Assets?

While some of these concepts and collections may be standalone projects, others will serve as a foundation or connection to a more advanced mission or goal.

In most cases, Seedify will not build games around these asset collections. Instead, through a combination of in-depth planning, connecting resources and the adoption of out of the box concepts and ideas, the collections will serve as central pieces for others to build out and develop from.

With this approach, Seedify Meta Studios will give artists and developers the ability to build on top of these unique creations, allowing the future of what we are creating to be at the hands of others, in a decentralized creative environment.

  • How do $SFUND Token Holders Benefit?

Staking/farming $SFUND tokens will give holders access and opportunities to accumulate these limited edition metaverse NFT assets both as rewards and offerings on the Seedify IMO Launchpad. We will share information and requirements to mint each specific collection prior to their launches.

3b. Seedify IMO Launchpad

The Seedify IMO Launchpad is a dedicated launch platform for metaverse assets. These assets can range from rare collectables to lands, avatars, vehicles, and other items, many with distinct utilities and purposes, all minted as NFTs, ensuring uniqueness and provable ownership. But most importantly these metaverse assets will be integratable with various metaverses giving users the ability to set their life in the metaverses exactly as they wanted. From decorating their houses, to owning what form of vehicles, clothes, and avatars they have.

As we create and build the digital extensions of our lives in virtual worlds, these items and their utilities will continue to evolve and have more space in our lives. While all these ideas seemed way too utopic 10 years ago, we are on the verge of entering this new reality.

Seedify Meta Studios and the Seedify Metaverse Asset Program will also work towards making the IMO Launchpad even more abundant with creations, as we are committed to delivering high-quality assets constantly, which will be used by our identities in the metaverse

The Seedify IMO Launchpad will be a platform to gain access to these items and collections. Having this ability to purchase metaverse assets at mint prices will bring additional utility to the $SFUND token.

How does the Seedify IMO Launchpad Work?
Benefits For $SFUND Holders
  • IMO Opportunities:

$SFUND token holders, who participate in staking/farming on the Seedify staking platform, will be able to participate in initial metaverse offerings or IMOs on the Seedify IMO Launchpad.

  • Access to Curated Assets

The curated items and collections created through Seedify Meta Studios and the Seedify Metaverse Asset Program will be available exclusively to $SFUND staking/farming participants on this platform.

  • Early Access to Rare/Limited Edition Assets:

Seedify community will access to these sets at mint prices.

  • Access to Special Collaboration/Partnership Assets:

Additional opportunities and value will be added through strategic creative collaborations and partnerships, with the resulting metaverse asset collections being made available through offerings on the Seedify IMO Launchpad.

  • Seedify NFT Space Assets:

Select collections funded through the Seedify NFT Space crowdfunding mechanism will also be launched on this platform

Seedify IMO Launchpad Tier System

We will share the detailed tier system and guidelines for the Seedify IMO Launchpad right before the launch of this product.

  • Note:

The more $SFUND tokens a participant holds, the higher chance our users will have at accessing exclusive opportunities and the ability to acquire IMO assets at mint or private sale prices

3c. Seedify INO Launchpad

Although at this point NFTs are mostly popular in the Profile Picture space, the industry will evolve very soon, and NFTs will be mostly used in metaverses and blockchain gaming.

In-game items such as skins, weapons, armour, vehicles, avatars, etc., minted as NFTs, give gamers provable ownership, transparent proof of exclusivity of rare or high-value items, and the ability to sell these assets without losing their gameplay progress.

With NFTs, game developers gain new funding opportunities, while gamers gain the ability to recoup the cost of their in-game purchases by selling individual assets, should they choose/need to do so. This is a sharp contrast to having to sell your game and all your achievements and progress with it, which was the case up until the arrival of NFT technology. (This was also illegal in most cases, so people could get banned completely when doing real world transactions for in-game assets, coins and progression).

A vital piece of the play-to-earn formula, NFT in-game assets open the door to new opportunities both for game creators and gamers. The ability to create and benefit from income opportunities through virtual play-to-earn economies is the name of the new game.

While up to this point, we've been focused on creating value for $SFUND token holders through IDOs and bringing quality game token offerings to the Seedify IDO Launchpad, bringing early access opportunities through minting in-game NFT assets before everyone else will be another advantage that Seedify community can have, thanks to deep network and ecosystem we already created.

Thus, Seedify INO Launchpad will have NFT sales of games that launch from Seedify first of all, but not only that; we will also have NFT sales of other games which do not have a token, as well as others which pass our due diligence on the NFT side.

How Does the Seedify INO Launchpad Work?
Benefits for $SFUND Holders
  • INO Opportunities:

Through the Seedify INO Launchpad, $SFUND token holders who stake/farm their $SFUND tokens on the Seedify staking website will be able to qualify to participate in Initial NFT Offerings or INOs.

  • Additional Opportunities in Seedify IDO Launched Games:

Participants will be able to purchase in-game NFT assets for games launched through the Seedify IDO Launchpad, gaining additional value and use-cases for their $SFUND tokens and additional opportunities in these gaming ecosystems.

  • INOs From Games Not Launched Through Seedify:

There will also be opportunities to purchase NFT assets from games that may not have launched their token through Seedify but choose to hold their INO on the Seedify INO Launchpad.

  • Access To Exclusive NFT Offerings:

$SFUND token stakers/farmers will have opportunities to participate in exclusive INOs, from Seedify partnerships and collaborations.

  • Access To Assets Created Through Other Seedify Mechanisms:

Some asset collections funded through the Seedify Metaverse Asset Program and select sets funded through the Seedify NFT Space crowdfunding mechanism will also be launched on the Seedify INO Launchpad if they have relations to games out there

Benefits for $SFUND Holders

We will share the detailed tier system for the Seedify INO Launchpad shortly before the launch of the platform.

  • Note:

The more tokens a $SFUND holder stakes or farms, the better chance they'll have to purchase rare or limited edition items, along with having early access to NFT assets at mint prices, thus lower costs

3d. Seedify Metaverse Asset Program
What Is The Seedify Metaverse Asset Program?

As we enter this next phase of human evolution, continuously moving closer to a parallel digital metaverse/multiverse existence, unique items and assets will become the building blocks of our identity and the stories we create in the virtual worlds we build.

The Seedify Metaverse Asset Program is a $10 million value $SFUND grant and advisory/support program dedicated to the curation of high-quality metaverse assets. Together with Seedify Meta Studios, this program is an integral part of Seedify's commitment to fostering all kinds of creative endeavors for the building blocks of the metaverse.

With the Metaverse Asset Program, Seedify will identify and fund top-tier artists, illustrators, designers, architects etc., providing grants and affording these creators financial and creative freedom to design and produce unique collections of NFT assets for the metaverse.

These unique items/collections may include houses, vehicles, weapons, pets, avatars, clothes etc. and may feature utilities, or simply be collectibles, deriving value from desirability, exclusivity or functions in their respective digital environments.

How Does the Metaverse Asset Program Work?

Creators and teams who want to utilize this opportunity can apply for a grant using the following application form:

The Seedify team will review the applications, taking into consideration past portfolios, uniqueness of collection ideas, concept visuals, the potential for additional utilities, etc., and award grants to the best applicants/ideas.

Once a grant is approved, the creator(s) can start work on their proposed idea, having both financial and creative freedom to design and produce an asset collection for the metaverse(s) of their choice. (Artists and teams are free to choose the platforms their assets are intended for.)

Creators can offer their asset collections for sale on the Seedify IMO Launchpad at mint prices, gaining access to thousands of potential buyers who are members of Seedify community.

Artists will continue to earn passive income from secondary sales of these collections in the form of royalties each time one of their items is bought or sold.

Creators will be able to gain further exposure, with opportunities to have their items displayed in the various spaces Seedify is creating across multiple metaverses. (e.g. The Sandbox, with additional platforms to be announced.)

$SFUND Token Holder Benefits

$SFUND token holders will have exclusive opportunities to purchase these unique asset collections funded and created through the Seedify Metaverse Asset Program, on the Seedify IMO and INO Launchpads.

These collections will also bring new utility to the $SFUND token. With the Seedify launchpads being the exclusive platforms these creations will initially be offered on. The platforms' tier systems will apply to anyone wanting to acquire pieces from these collections at initial mint prices.

4. Seedify NFT Space

While the blockchain ecosystem features a myriad of NFT marketplaces, the theme with these platforms is fairly universal. These marketplaces work quite well for selling NFT artwork but do little to nothing with providing a UI or tools to address the often complex research process utility NFTs such as in-game assets require.

Seedify's newest master product, Seedify NFT Space, is a revolutionary introduction to the blockchain gaming and metaverse spaces.

Seedify NFT Space is a gaming and metaverse asset centric marketplace designed to directly address the shortcomings of traditional NFT marketplaces with UI integrations and research tools that simplify the process of buying and selling gaming or metaverse utility NFTs

Additionally, it will function as a unique platform that connects collectors and artists to fund the creation of new NFT asset collections through a crowdfunding mechanism and launchpad network, along with NFT reward opportunities for every transaction executed on the platform.

Seedify NFT Space Functions

Seedify NFT Space will feature a UI that caters to gaming and metaverse NFTs. Users will be able to perform in-depth research, utilising intuitive tools to gain a complete understanding of the stats, metrics and value of the assets they're looking to purchase, all through an enjoyable user journey.

Additional Seedify NFT Space Features
  • Kickstarter-like Crowdfunding Functions:

Participants can use $SFUND to pre-fund collections to get mint spots, freebies and more. This facilitates more creativity and a way to invest early in NFT projects in a DAO-like setting.

  • Auto-Launch Functions:

Creators have access to a network of launchpads, starting with Seedify's IDO, IMO and INO Launchpads. This includes additional support through marketing, advisory, and industry partnership connections. The auto-launch function adds more $SFUND utility via the tier systems when Seedify's launch platforms are used.

  • Reward Functions:

Each transaction executed on Seedify NFT Space has an opportunity to receive an NFT reward selected through an RNG process. This NFT rewards pool will be maintained through a pool that gets funded from 25% of the platform's trade commission fees. Some NFT rewards will be more valuable than others, while larger transactions will have higher chances to receive rarer rewards drops, although even small transactions will have rare drop chances.

A New Token: $SNFTS
  • Cheaper Transaction Fees Through $SNFTS:

While the funding mechanisms of the platform will use $SFUND, there will be an additional native token introduced for Seedify NFT Space, called $SNFTS. $SNFTS will lower transaction fees for holders and increase RNG rate chances to receive rarer NFT rewards

  • $SNFTS Airdrop:

To jumpstart Seedify NFT Space, a very strategic airdrop will occur. Like we did with $SFUND, the only way to initially acquire $SNFTS will be through the airdrop. No token will be sold or offered to any party besides the airdrop recipients.

Airdrop Eligibility and Rules
  • $SFUND Snapshots:

The airdrop snapshots will be taken at specific intervals over 5 weeks for $SFUND stakers/farmers. Each snapshot will provide more claimable $SNFTS at a rate of 1 $SFUND = 20 $SNFTS for each snapshot. So for the total of 5 weeks, each $SFUND will qualify for a total reward of 100 $SNFTS if the user was staking or farming at the time of each snapshot.

  • Partner NFT Snapshots:

Since there are certain sets and collections that have more influence in the NFT Space than others, we would like to incentivize NFT collectors as much as possible to drive awareness and users to our marketplace. Certain collections will be announced as ÔÇťAirdrop Targets' and all wallets holding NFTs from that particular set at a specific time will be eligible for $SNFTS airdrops. (Eg. Bored Ape Yacht Club, Mutant Ape Yacht Club, Neo Tokyo Citizens, Doodles, Cool Cats, and other prominent NFT collections.)


Let's take a look at the roles of the $SFUND and $SNFTS tokens on the Seedify NFT Space platform:


Crowdfunding collections and ideas through funding the concepts of artists/teams in exchange for physical and virtual rewards, unique collectibles, and NFTs.


Crowdfunding collections and ideas through funding the concepts of artists/teams in exchange for physical and virtual rewards, unique collectibles, and NFTs.

For the tier systems to join IDOs (Initial Dex Offerings), IMOs (Initial Metaverse Offerings), INOs (Initial NFT Offerings) facilitated officially by Seedify.

  • Fee discounts when $SNFTS are used (1% instead of 2%).
  • Better RNG rates for the random NFT drop chances when making buy & sell transactions.
  • Funding the treasury for collaborations, marketing, NFT drops, and expansions.
$SFUND Buyback & $SNFTS Burn Mechanisms

As previously mentioned, Seedify NFT Space commissions are 1% when $SNFTS are used and 2% when any other token is used.

When a trade takes place between two parties, these commissions are paid by both parties.

When a regular commission gets taken, it is deducted from the currency that the NFT being purchased/sold is listed with. So, for example, if an NFT is listed as 1 ETH, the commission would be 0.02 ETH.

However, if you have $SNFTS in your wallet for the same trade example above, then it will deduct the commission in $SNFTS ( 0.01 ETH worth of $SNFTS) in such a trade.

When regular commission is paid, 1/2 will go towards the Seedify NFT Space treasury, while 1/4 goes towards $SFUND buybacks, and the other 1/4 goes towards buying NFTs for the reward drops.

When the discounted commission is being used, 1/2 will go towards the Seedify NFT Space treasury, while 1/4 goes towards $SNFTS burn, and the other 1/4 goes towards buying NFTs for the reward drops.

Therefore activating both $SFUND buybacks and $SNFTS burns, as well as treasury for growth and more NFT reward drops as the platform volume and activity increase.

$SNFTS & NFT Drop Chances

$SNFTS will not only give users commission discounts, but it will also act as a bonus multiplier to earn special NFT drops while making trades on the Seedify NFT Space platform.

Algorithmically speaking, when a transaction is taking place, the RNG will look at two critical pieces of data:

  • How much the item being traded costs in terms of fiat.
  • How many $SNFTS you hold in your wallet.

The cost bracket of an item will automatically dictate the chances of getting random drops, as in higher bracket, higher chances, lower bracket, lower chances. Additionally, the number of $SNFTS that are held will also multiply the opportunities for drops. More $SNFTS equals better chances.

In a dedicated backend application, we will form:

  • A Tier system derived from a 30 day average price of $SNFTS.
  • Your $SNFTS tier based on your holdings
  • Calculate drop chance multipliers you receive from your $SNFTS.
  • Using this bonus concurrently in an algorithm where we multiply this ratio with the item cost reward chance.
  • Leaving the rest to the RNG gods to reward you or not during any single transaction made on the platform.

So, in short, holding $SNFTS, and holding many of them, will make a big difference in the rewards you can receive while using Seedify NFT Space.

While these are the base systems on how $SNFTS will operate, we might announce additional factors that may increase drop chances in the future.

Disclaimer: This whitepaper is NOT intended to solicit investment funds or disseminate investment advice, and no portion of this document, nor any statement made herein, either in part or as a whole, is intended to be taken as such. The sole purpose of this whitepaper is to inform SFUND token holders of the steps we are taking and the products we are developing and implementing to support growth and innovation in the blockchain gaming and metaverse sectors.