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Getting the best NFTs just became easier.
Grab the best NFT project spots just at the time of the launch at Seedify INO Launchpad.
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How to Join an INO
Purchase $SFUND Tokens
$SFUND is Seedify's token that enables its holders to participate in IDOs, INOs, stake and farm for passive income
Stake or Farm your $SFUND
Add your $SFUND to one of our staking or farming pools and earn passive income
Start Now
Apply for the lottery
Go to the NFT project page you'd like to join and apply for the lottery to get a chance to win a whitelist spot
You're all set!
Now you just need to wait for the release of the whitelist to purchase your favorite NFT at the best price
Early Access
The best NFT collections, available to you before they grow popular and out of reach.
Best Prices
By buying earlier you secure a low price that will make sure you maximize your returns.
Project Due Diligence
Only the most solid projects with the best capacity to deliver are able to launch with us.
Exclusive Projects
Some NFTs will be exclusive to our platform, so that is your only chance to get them.
Why Join Seedify's INOs?
Access the best and most exclusive collections at an early stage, where you stand to gain the most rewards in a secure environment.
Primed for Deeper Impact
If you are part of the Seedify ecosystem and hold $SFUND, the allocation works to your advantage, giving you an unmatched level of impact compared to other platforms.
Apply as a Project
Do you have an amazing collection that you would love to launch with Seedify? Apply today!
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